A guide to meditation

What is Meditation? Everyday we help ourselves with some rest and sleep so that our body can regain its vigour. Similarly, the mind requires moments of repose from its relentless activities. When we allow our minds to rest for some moments, it can be co ...

Master Diagnostician

The Master Diagnostician

I have always been fascinated by stories. Stories… the beautiful world they take us into, their myriad characters, emotions, brilliant minds, the unpredictable situations, thriller plots and how beautifully the climax unfolds and the truth gets revealed. ...

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Yoga and the Upanishadic Tradition

Yoga is an ancient science which aims at the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of humanity. The Upanishadic tradition is rich with the philosophy of Yoga. In fact, there are some Upanishads which wholly focus upon this ancient science. These texts are capable of enriching our perceptions on Yoga. Let us have a look at some of the most important Upanishadic ideas on Yoga.