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Master Gita Master Life!  Testimonial by Tanvi Joshi

Have we not felt many times so completely dejected within our lives and decided to give up before even trying? The human mind has a capacity to come up with endless reasons to abort an avowed decision. It will try to make us weak by reminding our failures of the past. memories of those who hurt us, and our own personal inadequacies and short comings. Eventually our mind becomes successful in losing sight of the importance of perseverance and doing the right thing. The Bhagavad Gita explains why it is necessary to keep going in such times of distress and how to overcome the inner demons of our mind that keep trying to drag us down. It also provides numerous techniques and methods to bring out the best within us. While it does talk about God, you need not believe in God as another object, but you should only believe in yourself and become successful in fighting our inner mental battle.        

In the very first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the warrior is in complete melt down mode. Even though, Arjuna had all the skills and abilities to do his job efficiently and he had learnt from the best of the best. he lost his nerve when he looked across the battle field and saw his own beloved family, friends and his Guru.  He found himself caught in an ethical and moral dilemma. How could he kill his own beloved and kin? This is how the first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita begins. Arjuna pours out his heart to Lord Krishna, throwing his arms up in despair and refusing to fight. 

When we talk about conflict management skills, what comes to my mind is not the ancient story within the Mahabharata where Lord Krishna advised Sri Arjuna as how to face and conquer his inner fears and handle life with courage, strength and dignity. This was definitely not something which I would have thought about when I sat down in my first Master Gita Master Life class. What struck me also as a surprise is how relevant and applicable the concepts discussed in the Bhagavad Gita are!! The teachings remain within us as a protective cover from the misery and fear of the external world. This is why all books of Bhagavad Gita carry a cover page of battle field where the Guru is teaching the most ancient and timeless wisdom of life. This is the reason why India is known all over the world as a spiritual storehouse of knowledge. Delve deep to find out more….

Staying Motivated 

When you start a new relationship or a new job, it generally brings a lot of excitement and desire to do well. Obstacles are sure to be met on the way. Somewhere along the line, you may lose interest because it is too much of hard work and effort to keep going. Whatever the reason it may be, think back about times where you had earnestly set out with a resolution to do something. It may be something as simple as going to a gym three times a week to become healthy. In the beginning, we are all excited and motivated and then as time goes on, we may lose interest. Old habits die hard and unless we find that inner strength to keep going, we will end up like the rabbit and not the tortoise.             

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