A set of self-study courses on vedantic text.

Say hello to Svadhyaya Series – A fresh approach to self-study

What is Svadhyaya Series

Svadhyaya Series is a unique initiative of Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) to promote self-study among the masses. It is in liaison with Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision to transmit the time transcending ancient knowledge traditions of India to the generations, thereby bridging the gap between the pundit and the public. 

Why Svadhyaya Series?

Let’s see what makes Svadhyaya Series standout not just amongst the online courses offered by CIF, but from other courses based on Indian Knowledge Traditions (IKTs) as well. Svadhyaya Series is a fully online self-study programme based on various texts belonging to the IKTs, especially Vedanta. What makes it one of a kind is the emphasis given to the course material that covers the concerned text in and out for an in depth study and understanding of all the concepts mentioned in the text. Each of the texts is typically divided into different lessons for a deeper comprehension. That’s not all, each course contains online lectures on lessons by expert faculty in video/audio format, a questionnaire at the end of every lesson, facility to learn from fellow students through an online Discussion Forum, and a chance to clear doubts from subject experts.

Why self-study?

The online courses offered under the Svadhyaya Series lay great focus on promoting self-study. This is because according to the Indian tradition, the knowledge gained through one’s own intelligence and efforts has been regarded as one of the most important means of knowledge acquisition. It is equally important as the knowledge gained from Acharyas, peers and the knowledge acquired in the course of lifetime.

A wide variety of text
A fresh approach to self-study

Learn a wide variety of profound texts online with video/audio lectures from expert teachers, peer learning via Discussion Forum and doubt clarification from subject experts.

A variety of vedantic short courses suitable for students of all levels
Something for everyone

Choose from an array of courses suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

Access on any smart device

Self-paced courses that can be viewed on the go or at home on any smart device (tablet, iPad, smartphone, laptop etc).

Test your knowledge

Multiple choice questionnaires at the end of each lesson to test your understanding.

Study at your own pace

Both quick and slow learners can complete the course at their own pace, gaining full understanding of topics before moving ahead.

Student's thoughts

Explore some of the Svadhyaya Series courses? Let’s have a sneak peek!

Panchadasi Chapter 1

  • 11 lessons
  • 39 video sessions
  • Facilitated by Swami Advayananda

Panchadasi, the renowned composition of Sri Bharati Tirtha and Swami Vidyaranya, is a compendium of 15 foundational treatises or prakarana-granthas. This epic work is a singular treatise on the entire philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. The study of this text helps one to grasp the essentials of Vedanta.

The focus of this course is the first chapter of Panchadasi, titled ‘Tattva Viveka-prakarana’. In this chapter, the author expounds the nature of the ultimate Reality realising which a seeker attains Liberation from bondage. Learn More 

Tattvabodha – Basic 

  • 11 lessons
  • 20 video sessions
  • Facilitated by Swami Advayananda

Tattvabodha, authored by Adi Sankaracharya, is a prakarana-grantha, an introductory or topical text. Tattvabodha defines all the terms and terminologies used in the Vedanta Shastra, even while presenting the essence of Vedanta in a simple question-answer style. Tattvabodha thus is a comprehensive ‘book of Vedantic definitions’.

This text is a must study for all students seeking a thorough clarity of the Vedanta Shastra. This course is a detailed and comprehensive exploration of Vedanta and will benefit students who wish to start their study of Vedanta on a strong foot. Learn More

Sadhana Panchakam

  • 8 Lessons
  • 25 Audio sessions
  • Facilitated by Swami Advayananda

Sadhana-panchakam is a prakarana-grantha written by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. Through five potent and powerful verses, he gives us the great spiritual path to the Truth. Sadhana-panchakam specifically elaborates the aspect of sadhana, the spiritual practices that a seeker should abide by in order to reach the ultimate Truth. The course is structured in accordance with the text to give the student clarity on specific sadhana that is to be undertaken in each stage of their life. Learn More 


  • 18 lessons
  • 35 audio sessions
  • Facilitated by Swami Advayananda

Atmabodha is a basic prakarana-grantha authored by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. This is one of the texts that every student of Vedanta should study prior to studying advanced texts like the Bhagavad-gita and the Upanishads or even other prakaraṇa-granthas like Vivekachudamani, Panchadashi and so on. The unique aspect of this text is that it provides complete clarity on all important Vedantic concepts through suitable examples, similes and metaphors and thus enables easy comprehension. Learn More 

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