Master Diagnostician 2 (1) (1)

The Master Diagnostician Resuscitated Me!


  • I saw ARJUNA in me.

Every time I decide to act/perform my duty and plan the course of action (resembles Arjuna’s decision to place the chariot in the midst of the battlefield), the saga unfolds in my mind…

  • The glories/regrets/mistakes of my past

  • The anxieties/worries of the future

  • Fear of failing in the present 

  • The complaints of unconducive circumstances and situations 

  • The comparison trips

  • The expectations/perceptions of the society


In no time…

I’m engulfed with immense SHOKA.

No wonder 1.29 Seedanti mama gaatrani

                  1.30 Gaandeevam sramsate…

 Became my favorite verses.

                           Oh…the classic case of ‘ARJUNA CRISIS’

  • Kripaya Paraya – illogical compassion in delusion


‘Life is unfair, cruel!’ I proclaimed.

I sympathised with my emotions.

SHOKA & MOHA became my comfort zone.

Lost my perspective {identity}


Body and mind broken

Intellect arrested



I understand Shoka is the most destructive power the mind can face.


But how?? How to avoid Shoka/Moha always?



Kutastvaa kasmalam idam – felt like current to revive my intellect in arrest.

Uttishtha Parantapa  – my adrenaline!  


Now I know what to do when Shoka attacks

I seek the Lord [cry, lament to the lord/Guru]

Japa and prayers – SOS

Set ‘Uttishtha Parantapa’ as a mental reminder
[maybe I should, on my phone too, as an alarm/reminder]


HE gave me HOPE!


I have progressed from 

Soaksamvignamanasah →→→Uttishtha Parantapa.

It definitely takes tremendous effort to keep SHOKA away.

I’m working on it.

Uttishtha Parantapa!!!


About the Author:


Dr. Krishnajaya W. K. is a student of the Master Gita Master Life course.



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