Master Diagnostician

The Master Diagnostician

I have always been fascinated by stories.

Stories… the beautiful world they take us into, their myriad characters, emotions, brilliant minds, the unpredictable situations, thriller plots and how beautifully the climax unfolds and the truth gets revealed.


Perhaps, this fascination made me pursue medical science. The mind of a medical doctor always intrigued me. The art of understanding health, diagnosing disease and alleviating human suffering.


Blessed to be born in the Chinmaya family, the Holy Gita has always been a part of my life.

I have chanted the Gita, tagged along with my family to Geeta Jnana Yajnas. All I had to do was the ‘Shelf Unfoldment’ of the Holy Gita of Sri Gurudev. The Krishna-Arjuna dialogue has been captivating. I have my share of favourite quotes/verses. They have definitely been inspiring and motivating to do more.


Never did I ever think I would be prescribed the Gita as a remedy/treatment.

Until…The 180° life axis deviation moment “WHY ME?” happened. When every aspect of my life fell apart.


The divine will/His grace intervened.

Swami Advayanandaji prescribed me the ‘Master Gita Master life’ (MGML).

Rx: “I think you need the Gita now. MGML will help you”.


Honestly, I wondered Why? Why Gita to me? How am I similar to Arjuna? Infact, my initial thoughts were: Why Gita to Arjuna?


As I take the MGML course, I’m penning down my mental deductions/algorithm to know:


1. How does the Lord think/diagnose/treat?

2. Why did the MASTER DIAGNOSTICIAN prescribe this to Arjuna and now after eons to me?

3. Most importantly, My Prognosis. (I have been assured by all the Masters and Swamijis a 1000% good prognosis).


*Parama Purushaartha is what I’m yearning for! All the while, I didn’t know what I was searching for?


I realised, I’M CONFUSED!?! (A confused mind is the perfect state to start! M.D says)


Parama Purushaartha = Brahma Prapti = Moksha


But, I don’t want Moksha (at least for now?)

Definitely not for me! I’m full of desires!

I want tangible results.

I want change in my life.


I wondered, is the treatment really meant for me?


Yet, I decided I would continue the course.


*On introspection, I realised on many occasions and life situations I have chosen the path of Preyas over Shreyas.

Now, I pause and think.

Yes, choosing Shreyas is effort, requires mental discipline and nobility.


I have started to introspect, dissect my thoughts I THINK!!


*ACTION (duty) is the means for Moksha.

Back to square one!?


Action is what I’m unable to do!!!!

I’m incapable of doing my Swadharma!

Knowing what to do – I’M HERE – doing it.


Shoka – Moha – paradharma.


I’m stuck in this whirlpool.


Inaction/wrong action – shoka – moha – inaction – intense shoka – intense moha – completely morbid.


The ETIOLOGY/CAUSE of my present state is revealing slowly, vaguely. I think I will understand.


I realise, the MASTER DIAGNOSTICIAN has made me undergo self analysing scans and tests. We are now trying to interpret the scan reports.

Until the next step…in my progress report.


About the Author:


Dr. Krishnajaya W. K. is a student of the Master Gita Master Life course.

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