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The Pledge that Transformed Me!

The Chinmaya Mission Pledge contains the essence of the teachings of Vedanta. In a few lines, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda has given practical guidance for all seekers, following which, leads one to an exemplary life. In this retreat, 65 youth from India gathered to listen to Swami Advayanandaji share thoughts on the pledge, advice on how to reflect upon it and its practical application in day to day life. Swamiji first shared that, although the pledge only contains several lines, it contains many useful suggestions. The first main point that was shared was that one has to listen with openness, inquire critically and apply the knowledge steadfastly. He shared that this is the main basis for transformation. The message regarding universal outlook, overcoming vices, and service are universal in nature and most practical. These main topics were elaborated upon during group discussions. The group discussions occurred in small groups, followed by a review by all attendees lead by Br. Sudheer Chaitanyaji. The group discussions aided in clarifying the concepts shared during the discourses. The group discussions were then carried into general conversations amongst attendees. This camp was a perfect introduction to Vedanta. All of the campers gained new knowledge to apply in their lives and knowledge to reflect upon.

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